Bush Camp to Ghanzi (?? km)


Day 99 - Apr 21 - Stage 69

Friday: Today was the long awaited and discussed Team Time Trial day. The Riders rode 30km to the start of the Time Trial, where we regrouped into our teams at the Cruiser and departed in batches when ready.

Team "Four Jacks and a Jill" started the 40km time trial distance with great gusto, we had estimated our time at 1hr 45min. Our team was doing okay and we were going as planned, until 3km from the finish, Michael-2 punctured twice, so we missed our estimated time by nearly a half hour (the biggest incorrect margin of all the teams). As they say in the Classics, "You win some and you lose some".

The winning team consisted of Wendy, Bridgett, Gupaul and Will, who were within a minute of their estimated time.  Judith's team came 3rd. All in all it was great fun, although I thought some teams did take it a little too seriously!

I cycled with Philip after lunch, stopped at Shoprite in Ghanzi with a whole lot of other Riders for cold drinks and ice-cream, which was a pleasant surprise, and greatly appreciated.

The last three kilometers into Thakadu Camp was on a very sandy road, and I managed to fall down rather spectacularly into the sand, much to Philip, Liz and Marie's amusement.  At the start of the Tour, when a Rider fell down, other Riders would rush to their assistance, now it's simply seen as a photo opportunity!

Mike T

Recovering after my fall in the sand, while Liz takes some photos.
(What has become of us?) 

Riders enjoying breakfast before Team Time Trial Day

Coke Stop before forming up into the Individual Teams at the start

Teams forming up & getting into order before departing on the 40 km Time Trial

Michael-2 getting assistance from Paul to fix his first puncture while Linda looks on.

Shoprite Store in Ganzi for cold drinks and ice-creams

Waiting for the evenings  Briefing and Prize Giving to start

Team Time Trial Winners - Gupaul, Will, Bridgett and Wendy receiving their cash prize

Tomorrow's ride will be from Ghanzi to Buitenpos and our longest ride so far


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