Mud & EFI-Zambia! - Livingstone to Kasane (81km)

Zambia - Botswana

Day 92 - Apr 14 - Stage 63

Friday: It was to be our last day in Zambia. We left the Waterfront Camp and cycled through Livingstone, taking the road to Kasane.  

The morning's sunrise in Livingstone

At the turn-off for the Border, one of the new Sectional Riders missed the turn-off, so I had to chase him down to get him to back track and take the correct road. Not an easy task as he was quite determined to cycle all the way to Namibia!

On the Zambian side, the line of trucks waiting to cross into Botswana at the border was at least 2km long, with some truck drivers informing me that they had been waiting in the queue for up to two weeks!

The two South African Ladies Liz and Judith cycling towards the Zambian/Botswana Border

Leaving Zambia and approaching the Zambezi Kuzungula Border Post

Trucks lining the road to the Zambian/Botswana Border

Welcome to Botswana

Kazungula Bridge Project

Waiting for the Ferry to arrive on the Zambian side.

One of the two Ferrys operating at Kazungula

Bridge building operations over the Zambezi River in progress

Clearing Zambian Immigration was painless and a pleasure, however the Ferry crossing was absolute [un]organised chaos! There was no system whatsoever, it was a total free for all, with vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians all trying to board at the same time, before the ferry started moving again.

They are currently building a new bridge over the Zambezi to replace the Ferry at Kazungula, and I am sure it will go a long way to relieving the chaos and congestion of crossing from Zambia into Botswana.

The Botswana Border crossing was also a pleasure and we were through that very quickly, and cycled on to the Thebe River Safari Camp.

As part of the 15th TDA Anniversary Celebrations, we were treated to a Game Cruise on the Chobe River.  Unfortunately the Rain Gods were not kind to us and our cruise was totally rained out, forcing us to return to the Camp, which in the meantime had morphed into a "Mud Camp" forcing us to take a room in the Lodge.

We were now in Botswana, and I had managed my EFI-Zambia!!

Mike T

All participants calm and happy at the start of the Cruise

Happy Smurf himself enjoying the cruise

Rain storm approaching on the Chobe River
Chobe River Game Cruise before the rains came down.

Taking shelter as the storm approache

Philip not enjoying the cruise and suffering from slight bought hypothermia

Some were more happier than others after the disrupted Chobe River Cruise

Sometimes you just can't hide from the rain

And we have arrived in Botswana...

Mud Camp after the rains while we were away...


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