School Soccer Field to Ruze Chalets (181km - a new PB)


Day 87 - Apr 9 -Stage 61

Happiness is two birthday cakes in one evening 

Sunday: Today was the longest distance of the Tour so far, a 181km ride.  At our first Coke Stop we had sausage rolls and samoosas with Murray & Brad (Sweep Rider) in Monze Town.  Started and rode with Judith until the Lunch Truck, where she hopped onto the truck, having done nearly 80 km for the day.

I carried on, rode the next 105km alone, met up with Rob in Choma Town for refreshments,  but we didn't ride together.  It was a long day, but finished the 181km, which included two Coke Stops and Lunch.  

After supper, Chef Errol produced two cakes for dessert, one for Julian (birthday on the 6th April) and one for me (birthday on the 8th). These were greatly appreciated by us & all the riders!

Tomorrow is the last day of riding before we arrive at Livingstone (Victoria Falls) for a three day rest day. Looking forward to it.

Mike T

Sunrise at the Soccer Field Camp
Soccer Field Camp to Ruze Chalets


"No Farmer, No Food, No Future"
Totally different attitude to Farmers in Zambia,
as opposed to "Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer" advocated by 'The Stupids' in South Africa

How the locals get their milk from Moo-to-Them

Chef Errol baking his famous chocolate cakes.

Full moon rising over 'Ruze Camp' Tent Town


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