Elephant Camp to Nata Lodge (143km)


Day 94 - Apr 16 - Stage 65

Easter Sunday: Left the Elephant Camp with Judith, but then later took off with Philip when he came past. Rode up to lunch at 75km, and we saw no wildlife at all, Judith on the other hand, accompanied by Liz, managed to get up close and personal with a large Elephant!

Well, I only stopped so that I could read the sign!!

Nata Town was our first Coke Stop at 134km into the ride (coke stops in Botswana are very few and far between).  Arrived at Nata Lodge and was exhausted, had either a side wind or head wind the whole day long, it was a difficult day for me.

Booked in at Nata Lodge Chalet, It's located very close to the Makgadikgati Salt Pans and is quite posh indeed. Off to the Bar for a well-earned beer and swim in the pool, the Lodge has definitely changed a lot since I was last here quite a few years ago and was a good way to spend Easter.

After Briefing and supper, Judith and I spent some quality time at the Bar using their WiFi to catch up on the social network scene. 

Tomorrow will be another tough day for me, Tallis the Tour Leader tells us there are parts of the road which are flooded, so the ride should prove quite interesting, also it's a long 185 km distance!!

Mike T

Judith & Liz getting close and personal with the Elephant

"Liz look, I think I see an Elephant!" Just moments before.

Foot and Mouth Control Gate after lunch

Briefing Board - Nata to Bush Camp (tomorrow's ride...)

Judith & Liz's Elephant crossing the road

Today we reached the 8000 km mark!