Bush Camp to Maun (134km)


Day 96 - Apr 18 - Stage 67

Tuesday:  It was the last day of the 5-day stage, my rear wheel had two broken spokes, which the Bike Mechanic was unable to fix, due to time constraints last evening, so Murray offered me his bike as he wasn't riding, and so I rode all the way to Maun on Murray's bicycle.

After lunch, I rode with TDA Director Max (Sweep Rider) Tour Leader Tallis, and Andje. We formed a four man peloton and rode on into Maun. Tallis managed to cycle the complete 134km distance wearing only his slip-slop sandals on his feet!

We arrived in Maun and stopped for cold drinks and ice-cream at the nearest Filling Station, 
it was only a further 7km to Camp at the Sedia Hotel. 

Approaching the Hotel entrance, I  ell in the thick sand, which made the local kids laugh -  must have been great spectator value!

Mike T

Leaving Bush Camp for our ride to Maun

Tallis, cycling the entire 135km in his sandals!

Judith on the road to Maun

Max getting ready to "sweep" after lunch all the way to Maun

Turn off for Khoemacau Copper mine

Always try to be a shining example

In Maun, at the bar... life is good (too bad this Keg was empty!)


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