Lusaka to Soccer Field Camp (1'57km + 770m climbing & 990m descent)


Day 86 - April 8 - Stage 60

Saturday: April the 8th is one of my favourite days of the year, mainly because it's my Birthday!!  I spent my 63rd birthday cycling 157km out of Lusaka towards Livingstone. A birthday in the Country of my birth, what more could a man ask for!

I was given a Birthday tiara from Liz, and I wore it the whole day while out cycling on my bike. It raised many a smile from the locals, especially when I stopped for a Coke. 

Wearing my Birthday Tiara with my Best Girl by my side

Cycled with Philip, and we were fast out of Lusaka, going at quite a speed, in relatively heavy morning traffic. Judith had started her day's cycling from the lunch stop together with Bridget (both nursing tender bums).  Rupert had an unfortunate incident - he was hit by a taxi.  It suffered a broken windscreen, but luckily he was okay, without any major damage to himself or his bike. The driver then had the audacity to insist that Rupert pay for the damages, but the local bystanders disagreed and placed the blame on the driver!

Had a Coke Stop after Kafue Town at a new (only two weeks old) little "Spaza Shop" run by a young lady who was recently widowed. She spotted my birthday tiara and proceeded to sing happy birthday to me. It is so great to see the entrepreneurial spirit of the Zambians, as opposed to the hopelessness and depressed attitudes of the Malawians.

Lunch, then off again, with a second Coke Stop at "Sugar Snap Shop" where I was again serenaded by the owner to the sounds of "Happy Birthday". I think Philip had a big influence in getting the locals into a singing mood!

We passed through the town of Mazabuka before I arrived at the finish and was handed a cold beer by Judith as my birthday present, life is great!

Camped at School Soccer field, no birthday cake with supper, Chef Errol says it will happen tomorrow evening.

Mike T

Turning right for Livingstone and heading for Victoria Falls

The young lady at the first Coke Stop who graciously sang Happy Birthday for me

Philip at our second Coke Stop

My cold Birthday Beer at the end of the days ride 

Riders resting in the shade after a long day in the saddle

Local kids watching the Mzungu's antics and tribulations around Camp
Birthday Sunset over our tent

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