Jehovah School Camp to Lusaka (103km with only 820m of climbing)


Day 84 - Apr 6- Stage 59

Thursday: Judith decided to ride the full 103km distance from the School Camp into Lusaka. This suited me, as I was still EFI-Zambia and we could then ride into Lusaka together.
We woke up to a glorious Zambian sunrise, which was a good omen for the coming day's riding. It was a relatively short day of cycling, with the hills becoming less steep and more undulating as we approached Lusaka. 

Sunrise at the Jehovah School Camp

Getting ready for the days ride into Lusaka

Jehovah School to Lusaka

Lunch was at the 60km mark, we had a leisurely lunch and departed just ahead of the Sweep Rider.

The ride from lunch to Lusaka became a bit more difficult as we got closer to Lusaka due to the increase in traffic, especially with the increase in trucks and busses, as the verge of the road was not in a good condition, and not conducive to moving over for them either.

Fortunately as we got closer to the metropolis of Lusaka the roads improved considerably (double highway) and we were able to keep out of the way of the heavy vehicles. We (four of us riders and the Sweep) made a stop at the first Mall we came to, and made a mad dash to the nearest ATM, as we were all low on cash.

Judith and I left the Sweep Rider Max with Liz and Marie at the Mall, since they wanted to go and have ice cream, totally acceptable under the circumstances. But we just wanted to get to the finish at the Chainama Hotel (previously the Great Eastern Hotel).

A Local salvaging the steel spring from a bad wreck (Taxi ploughed into a Truck) to make himself an axe.

A Chinese make of Truck not feeling well and broken down at the side of the road

Mike One - What else is there to know!

Dr Mugwagweni can cure all ailments!

The Papparazzi have arrived

Last Coke Stop before Lusaka

Commercial Farming in Zambia

Arrived at the finish only to be caught by a brief downpour, those having ice creams at the Mall missed getting wet!!

We then proceeded to try and get a decent room, which took ages, rejected the first room (no electricity) then moved to the second one (no hot water) finally moved to the third room which was acceptable. All this time moving around and carrying our four luggage bags, riding kit and then our bikes!

The Chainama Hotel has definately seen better days, but then TDA do not choose their Camp sites because of the rooming facilities, but because of the camping needs of the Riders and Staff who do not take rooms on rest days.

After a well deserved shower, it was off to another Mall by taxi, with a group of Riders for supper. We finally ended up at Rhapsody's where we could order either from the Rhapsody's menu or from The Ocean Basket Menu (it was situated next door). 

A pleasant meal was had by all, followed by a final round of nightcap drinks, while watching a live band. We are definitely getting closer to civilization and better facilities as we travel further South.

Mike T

The best thing about the Chainama Hotel was their signboard

Marie enjoying her chocolate cocktail at Rhapsody's

Such decadence after five days of cycling!

Enjoying the after dinner drinks at Rhapsody's

The Live Band playing at Rhapsody's


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