Day 49 - Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort (Rest Day)

Leo the Bike Mechanic retro fitting the replacement rear wheel to my bike.

Thursday, 2 March: The Resort is situated in the most picturesque of places, among the vibrant vegetation surrounding the shore of Lake Bunyonyi. The amenities are great. An observation deck overlooking the Lake, two bars, and two dining areas. The perfect place for a TDA Rest Day.

Generally the quality of the food was great, although it often involved a long wait while being prepared in the kitchen. Unfortunately... the only real gripe, a breakfast at the Restaurant that was one of the worst I have had this entire trip, and at a self-paying establishment.

I took the opportunity and handed in our laundry, we were told, due to the inclement  weather, we had a 50% chance that it wouldn't be dry - not the most ideal of situations.

Travelling with wet clothes in your bags is a big no-no! Fortunately, our clothes were returned relatively dry.

Spent some quality time with Leo at today's  Bike Clinic, he managed to retro-fit Sharita's rear wheel to my bike, so I am up and running again for the immediate stages. Hopefully it will last until I can make alternative arrangements for another rear wheel.

I promptly suggested to the other heavier riders that they check their rear rims for damage, Murray found two minor cracks on his rear rim, he will monitor them to see if they propagate or remain stable. 

Murray carefully examining his rear rim for cracks

We ordered some print to order T-Shirts from a couple of enterprising locals, depicting the Mountain Gorillas (didn't get any the last time we visited the area on our Gorilla Trip) so it was rather fortuitous for us. It was a one day service, and we collected them at 5pm.

Choosing the desired motifs for our T-Shirts
Our belated Mountain Gorilla T-Shirts
(Gorillas in the mist, Muzungu's in the mud being very appropriate)

Between Liz and Rob, they organised for us to have our 4 000km Achieved photo taken, we had passed the 4 000km mark yesterday while cycling into Bunyonyi. Unfortunately, not all the eligible riders were available for the group photo, as some where out and about doing other things. 

Some of the riders pose for the 4 000 km Completed photo
Simon and Anmei out on the Lake enjoying some recreational rowing 

Murray organised a late afternoon boat cruise along a portion of the Lake (for 15 of us) which was most enjoyable. We were accompanied by Derrick, our own dedicated Guide, who was most informative. The Lake has numerous Islands, ranging from large to very small. 

One of the smallest, Punishment Island, was previously used as a dumping ground for unwed pregnant women, who were banished there to fend for themselves, with many of them perishing a slow death. The only way off the Island, was if a male from another clan, "rescued" her to take her as his free wife (without having to pay Lobola).

Boarding the boat for our late afternoon cruise
Getting ready to cruise on Lake Bunyonyi
View of part of the Resort from the Lake
Small and inhospitable "Punishment Island"
The majority of the riders closed off the day with a buffet dinner, which was combined with a belated birthday celebration for Alex. Who initially wanted no celebrations and no birthday cake, but the riders and staff had other ideas. 

A total of three birthday cakes were ordered from the Resort, and it can be said with great authority, that cake baking in Bunyonyi is not one of the Resorts fortes. Come back Chef Errol, your cake baking skills are sorely missed!


Mike T

Liz having some quality time

Late evening Buffet Dinner

Alex celebrates her belated birthday accompanied by Murray and Rupert

Alex's birthday cakes supplied by the Resort


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