Day 48 - The Ugandan Hills! (1400m of climbing)

Wednesday, 1 March: And so it was with trepidation that I embarked on a solo cycling day, i.e. without Michael, whilst he rode on the TDA Truck & looked into solutions to replace his rear rim.

It was a tough, but great ride, together with some of the ladies until lunch, where they boarded the Lunch Truck. The day's climbing was approx. 1400m over just 95km, on what looked like the tarred equivalent of our Swartberg Pass near Prince Albert, with lots of switchbacks to get to the top of the first major climb after lunch in the rain, followed by a gravel and red-mud climb that was even worse!  

We experienced thick mist & rain most of the way, to the extent that my foot slipped right out of my shoe on an uphill stroke!  I was absolutely soaked.  However, I was so chuffed that my uphill cycling legs were back and I had managed three hill-climbing days in a row. 

Here's to cycling the many more hills to come!


Liz and me - the two RSA Ladies before the start of our ride to Lake Bunyonyi


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