Day 48 - Stage 34 - Uganda Camp to Lake Bunyonyi (95 km)

Wednesday, 1 March: Another first for me, I climb on the Main Truck, and join Murray, Bridgette & Marie (recovering viral patients) Wendy (leg wound)) and Linda (sprained ankle) who are all on the truck too. No cycling for me today - I experienced a mechanical failure, yesterday.

Judith departs Camp aboard her bicycle, she will be cycling with Suzie and some of the other ladies, and its a big climbing day!  I wish her luck as she
 cycles off into the distance without me (also a first for her).

I help to pack up Camp and depart on the truck, we get to the top of the first major hill, and we discover the Great Lakes Museum & Coffee Shop. It's also the site of Uganda's Tree of Life (supposedly one of only two in the world). TDA Head, Henry Gold, sponsors us to a cup of coffee and a pastry, life is certainly tough on the truck.

We stop for lunch at the Lunch Truck (10.30 am) and Wynand offers us samples of the Jack Fruit, definitely a strange tasting fruit, and I find it quite different to anything I have previously tasted (also a bit too slimy for my liking).

We then stop in Kabale Town to draw money at a Barclays Bank ATM, my credit card is still working!  Amazing, keep up the good work @ABSA.

We arrive at Lake Buyoni Overland Resort, which is nestled between a steep hillside and the waters of the lake. Fortunately with Andje's help, we have pre-booked a room with our own bathroom, and will be staying at the Resort for two nights as tomorrow (Thursday) is a rest day.

Waited for Judith at the finish, and she comes in before four other people, she had a good day and was not intimidated by the hill climbing. You can read about her take on the day's ride, here.

I am still trying to make a plan about my damaged rim, when Sharita comes to my rescue and offers me her rear 29" mountain bike wheel. She says if it fits on my bike, I can use it until I can replace my damaged rim. 

I will get Leo (our bicycle mechanic) to check it out for me at Bike Clinic time tomorrow. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and its not a train!

Team Carbo Load (AKA Team Recovery Drink) soon regroups, and we spend some quality time at the Bar & Restaurant.  

Mike T

The Main Truck Ladies at the Great Lakes Museum Entrance 

The "Tree of Life"

TDA Staff and Truck Riders having coffee and pastries at the Coffee Shop

Main Truck arrives at the Great Lakes Museum

Early lunch at 10.30 am - One of the perks of riding on the Main Truck

Lake Bunyonyi Overland Camp
The Camp has great facilities
Lake Bunyonyi at sunset