Day 0 - Tomorrow we start!

Had our final Briefing Session in the morning, also discussed tomorrow's first day on the road (Stage 1 - Cairo to Fanar de Luna) it will be a relatively flat 136 km long ride. 

Check out our Stage 1 Notice board (at the end of this post). This is how we will be kept well informed during our tour. 

Briefing was relatively short, so we managed to arrange a trip out to Saqqara Burial Site, where the first stepped pyramid was built (currently under renovation) and we explored a few of the burial sites led by our Tour Guide, Ronda. 

South African Group at the Saqqara Burial Site

Saqqara Burial Complex

Restoration of Stepped Pyramid in progress

In the afternoon back at the Hotel, the TDA Group went out on a short 20 km fun ride, it definitely wasn't much fun, the Cairo traffic is horrendous. Fortunately there were no incidents and much ducking and diving was done around the large trucks, taxis, small cars, tuk-tuk's, motorbikes, horse carts and pedestrians. Never mind the potholes, broken glass and speed humps, a taste of things to come!?

Early evening, we all had to take our permanent bags (the bags we are to use on our off-days) as well as our spare tires to the Main Truck to be loaded, one bag down one more to go.

Loading of our permanent bags, onto the Main truck

Tomorrow is the official start of the Tour, breakfast is at 5am and then we'll load our 'daily' bag into the truck. Afterwards, off to the Pyramids at Giza for a group photo and then off we go.

Heading South for the next four months....

Mike T

Notice boards, including the breakdown of Stage 1 tomorrow...