Day in Pictures - 145km's to a Windy Farka Camp

Find my first beer in Sudan - Pity its only the name of a dry riverbed.

► Our long day in the saddle (not the first, and not the last) from our first stop in Sudan to Farka Camp where the wind began to howl & where we had the worst night of [no] sleep, ever. 

All in all a good adventure nonetheless in Sudan this past Thursday. Enjoy some of  my snaps from the day's riding, below:

Good morning Sudan!

Breakfast time

Brad investigating the roadkill to see if there was anything left to use for dinner

Lunch time

Jointing heaven for those so who are inclined...

Gupaul & Judith at the Coke Stop

Leaving the Coke Stop

Artisan gold miners crushing ore

Welcome to Farka (See the note re: Crocs)

Local kids were very inquisitive of the Lycra wearing tourists 

Rob giving Judith some advice on where to set up the tent

Took a walk down to the Nile River...

Washing off some of today's dust & grime in the Nile

Local boatman out on the River

Briefing Session at the end of the day

Tomorrow's ride!

Check back soon!

Mike T