Day 12 - Rest Day - Abu Simbel

Tuesday: Staying over at the Eskaleh Nubian Ecolodge, we tried sleeping late, but still woke up at 4am, I suppose the intention was there, but we had no such luck, it seems we are already in the groove....

Sunrise at Abu Simbel over Lake Nasser

The Eskaleh Nubian Eco-lodge

This, our second Rest Day in Egypt, was spent visiting the Great Temple Complex of Ramesses &  Nefertari in the morning, lunch at the Hotel and supper at Toya. We tried to keep it as simple and as relaxed as possible.

The visit to the Temple Complex, was definitely worth the walk. It is simply mind boggling that these two temples were relocated in their entirety to their present position, due to the rising waters of the Nasser Lake which  was being formed on completion of the High Aswan Dam. This was done to prevent them from being submerged by the rising waters and lost forever.

Walking through town on the way to the Temples

Abu Simbel - Spot the mistake...

Watching the video concerning the relocation of the two Temples

The Temple of Ramesses II
The second figure of Ramesses II was dislocated by an earthquake
Lake Nasser from the Temple Site

Some old graffiti from 1897 (Sapper nogal)

Figure of Ramesses in the Temple

Four figures at the back of the Temple, which get lit up by sunlight on the 22 February and 22 October

Temple of Nefertari (Rameses II favourite wife)

Liz inside the Nefertari Temple

Riders Briefing Meeting

Lunch was at the Hotel, where the both of us had a Chicken Tagine which was super tasty. I  must admit, the food in Egypt has been great; much better than what we expected.

Supper was at Toya Restaurant. Thanks go out to Philip who organised the booking, the menu was relatively easy - either Beef, Chicken or Fish - and the food was divine.

Early to bed, tomorrow we ride to the Ferry Landing, catch a ferry across Lake Nasser (goodbye Egypt) pass through Egyptian then Sudanese Border Posts, then cycle to our first camp in the Sudan.

Mike T

PS - Horror of Horror's, the Sudan is alcohol free, no beer available for the next 17 days, what shall we do?

Tomorrows Cycling Route (most time will be spent clearing the Borders of both countries)

The Schedule for the next 4 days of riding...

Today's Information Board


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