Stage 2: Fanar Du Luna to Ras Ghareb (129km)

Saturday: Today was a normal start, and after having breakfast, and a morning Briefing, we left  Fanar Du Luna at 6.30am. (See the stage notes on the Notice Board pic further down)

We were one of the first riders to start (you can leave when you are ready to go) because of our relatively slow pace. But even though most of the other riders eventually passed us, we had a good ride along the Red Sea most of the time, to the Lunch Truck at the 72km mark.

Cycling along the Red Sea
Our Stage 2 Notice Board
The Lunch Truck at 72km mark.
Some of the Riders having lunch

The second half went just as well as the first, and we managed to keep up a relatively high pace, we even had time to stop for a "coke stop". We arrived  at the Amir Palace Hotel in Ras Ghareb with plenty of time to spare. 
 Coke-Stop time.
Judith and I averaged a cycling speed of 24km/hr for the Stage 2 distance of 129km. Congratulations go out to her, as it is the furthest she has ever cycled in one ride.
The Finish at The Hotel.
The Amir Palace Hotel.

The route was relatively undulating, with good road conditions and a pleasant ride, mostly along the Red Sea. The first half went extremely well due to the assistance of a strong tail wind, and unlike yesterday, we arrived at lunch feeling quite strong.

At the Hotel, we had a bowl of soup on arrival (soup is always available after each Stage of the Tour) and were pleasantly surprised at the standard of the accommodation, as well as being impressed with the waterfront  pressure of the  shower.


Mike T 

Soup ready and waiting for us at the end of Stage 2.

Location info: Ras Gharib

Ras Gharib is the northernmost of the markazes in the Red Sea Governorate, Egypt, situated on the African side of the Gulf of Suez. It has an area of 10,464.46 km². At the 2006 Egyptian national census, the population numbered 32,369.


  1. Magic! Well done. Enjoy Sunday. Thinking of you. Pete & Linda

  2. Congratulations, wow. Have a good Sunday ride. Loving the blog. Love Gary and Helen

    1. Thanks Gary & Helen. Look out for Sunday's blog post. Thanks for the support & for following along!

  3. Well done Judy. Get through day 3 and 4 and the rest will just get easier. Unlike the Jarvies I know I don"t have to remind you to eat enough!! Keep up the Blog - its the reading highlight of the day.

  4. Congrats guys! Glad it was a better day! Mike and I are loving having 'story time' reading the blog everyday, Mike W wants to know if Mike T is still on course for EFB? :) Xx love jeanie & Mike

  5. Hi Mr and Mrs T. You two are great. Well done, keep it up and will I eagerly await each post.