Day 26 - Stage 22 - Camel Camp to Abeda Village (96 km)

Tuesady: When TDA Management say it's going to be a hot day for riding, you have to believe them, its going to be a hot hot day! Highest recorded temperature was 47 degrees Celsius - and it took its toll on the riders.

After yesterday's heat and dehydration, I made the mistake of over-hydrating. Including what I drank at breakfast, by the time I got to the lunch truck at the 52 km mark, I must of drunk at least 5-liters of fluid. 

I felt so nauseous I could only eat watermelon at lunch, and decided discretion was the better part of valor, and climbed into the lunch truck. Judith also climbed into lunch truck as she had been struggling in the heat as well.

Rode in the truck to the intermediate Refreshment Station, a new addition by TDA Management to the days riding strategy, brought on by the hot riding conditions.

Collected riders along the route as we went towards camp, they wisely abandoned due to the hot conditions. However congratulations and respect go out to all those riders who completed the day

There were a few that finished with heat exhaustion, and one serious case bordering on heat stroke (fortunately quickly treated by our very able Dr. Helen). 

On arrival at Camp, we took another Donkey wash each, waited under the shade of the vehicle awnings, while we drank a relatively cold soft drink or two, supplied by some young enterprising local and waited for the riders' briefing and dinner.

Once again, Judith and I didn't erect our tent until the sun went down, as it was just too hot to do so.

I sat around with Muzz and Andje discussing the day's ride, before going off to sleep, after a day which most of the riders agreed, had been their toughest days riding.

Mike T

Line up for breakfast 

Chilled breakfast before the fun began

The morning's sunrise

Tractor Taxi

Donkey Taxi

When Michael comes through the Village all the ladies come out to greet him

Another Tractor Taxi

Out on the corrugations...
Phillip in full flight

The village kids always enjoy watching the cyclists passing by

Heat exhaustion is not a pretty picture
Deborah experiencing another puncture!!
Railway Station but no more railway line!

The Great British Railway is all and gone
Goat Crossing....

First Bridgette took advantage of a shady lunch stop

Then Anmei took advantage of it

Judith enjoying the watermelon

The enterprising ladies in the lunch truck

A welcome Coke Stop 

Today's heat called for the establishment of an intermediate Refreshment Station

British Lorry Power

Waiting for the lunch truck to cross the donga (ditch)

Hooray here comes the lunch truck through the donga!

Sheltering from the heat

Cyclists arriving at Camp

Welcome to Camp!

Andrew and Linda resting up after a hard days cycling.
Andrew having joined the Sudan Tattoo Club today.

Not only do the kids take the orange tape but its become very fashionable with the adults

Wendy and Paul Farrow come arrive after a very tough days ride

Niklas making sure he keeps clean and healthy 

True love is sharing your donkey wash

Briefing - Tomorrow's ride

Charles the winner of today's very difficult stage

Bikes are also useful for hanging up your washing

Liz multi-skilling having dinner and soaking her feet 

Philip negotiating for his daily donkey wash
Sunset after a very hot and difficult day


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