Day 30 - Rest Day Khartoum - Boxing bikes & Dips in the Pool

Saturday: Had a relatively good night's sleep camped out on the grass at the Grand Hotel Villa, Judith had breakfast at the Hotel, I couldn't face food so early in the morning (maybe I overdid the ice-cream last night?).

We had a very chilled rest day, the main attraction being the boxing of our bikes which we will be taking with us on the flight to Nairobi. Boxes and tape were supplied by TDA and all we had to do was dismantle the bikes and fit them into the boxes, then seal them up ready for shipment.

I think Kenya Air are going to have a minor sense of humor failure, when 15 TDA riders pitch up to their flight from Khartoum to Nairobi, with their luggage and bike boxes, we are certainly going to have an interesting time booking in.

Used the opportunity in the afternoon to spend some quality time in the Hotel swimming pool, was joined in the pool by Muzz. 

Packed up our tent, packed up our bags and had a late buffet dinner at the Hotel, before lounging around at the pool area, waiting for the shuttle to take us to the Airport at 11.30 pm.

Our flight from Khartoum to Nairobi takes off at 02:55 tomorrow morning, its going to be a long night at the Airport (especially for us TDA riders who are used to going to bed at 8pm latest !).

Nairobi, Kenya - here we come. 

Mike T

Muzz and I taking advantage of the Hotel pool -

Boxing our bikes on the lawn