Hello from Judith - Day 22, Khartoum

Day 21 - Sunrise Breakfast!

Friday: Hello everyone,

I am also enjoying Michael's blog! Our trip thus far has been interesting to say the least, but I'm looking forward to the change in climate and desert-scapes as we progress further South.

I am a big fan of the Tailwind and don't mind the odd gentle Crosswind, although the gusting ones that throw sand in your face and give you some free exfoliation are not popular!  
Head butting a Headwind is a real problem for me too, so the Irish wish of "may the wind always be at your back" has a very special place in my heart right now!  

Michael has the patience of a saint - riding mostly at my pace - which I hope will continue to improve!

Laundry mostly happens on rest days. Where there are laundry services available by local ladies or hotels, we use them!  Socks, buffs, hankies, bandannas and underwear are washed in the shower when and where possible.

Our daily meals have been fairly healthy and plentiful (whew, but some of the 20 - 30 something age group can put away several plates at a time! But then they are racing and covering the distances in half my time!).

We are touring with a great crew and an amazing and interesting bunch of cyclists - so there is always someone chat to you and lots of group dynamics to observe. 

And so our adventure continues... we hope everyone in RSA & DRC keeps well and continues to stay in touch and in good health.

- Judith

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