Day 46 - Stage 32 - Kabalungi School to Mburo (65 km)

Main Truck packed-up, in the rain, and ready to depart.

Monday: Woke up and it was raining, we decided to have breakfast first, then to pack up the tent, but it was the wrong decision, we packed up the tent in a much heavier rain. Sometimes you win, other times you lose badly; had to pack the drenched tent into my Daily Bag! :/

As a consequence, we were the last to leave Camp, and we cycled for most of the first half in the rain. Caught up to Liz when she stopped to sample some fried cassava.

Judith couldn't wait

for the fried cassava to be prepared, and she rode away from us (said she was just to cold and wet to stop and dilly-dally). So Liz, Max (Sweep Rider) and I had fried cassava chips along the roadside, didn't taste too bad, much like french fries, but only much starchier.

Relatively short ride to lunch (60 km) and then only a 7 km trek to Camp, now situated at Leopard Rest and not Mburo Lake (seems there were problems with our original destination).

Took the opportunity to dry out our tent, cycling kit and other wet clothes & equipment, while spending some quality time at the Bar. Other riders played cards, while others just relaxed in the welcomed sun.

The riders' mood got better as the day progressed and the sun dried everything out. It was a good choice for a Camp, especially as it had a Communal Lapa with a Bar.

At sunset, we packed up our now dry tent, decided that we were not going to sleep in the tent in case it rained again, so camped out in the Lappa, where we were joined by Rob.

Mike T

Judith & Liz waiting for the fried cassava to cook

Riders in a quiet and pensive mood waiting for the sun to come out

Some riders decided to play cards to pass the time

Drying out our soaked tent

Tomorrows ride from Leopard Rest to Bush Camp

The Communal Lapa, later to become the Treloars' bedroom for the night.