Chitimba Beach to Mzuzu (136km + 1'630m of climbing)


Day 75 - Mar 28 - Stage 51

Sometimes you just need to climb off your bike to get some blood back into those legs
& air into the lungs while your heart takes 'a breather'

Tuesday: The start of a four day section before we reach Lilongwe, the Capital of Malawi, and our next Rest Day.

We left Chitimba Beach and after 16km started climbing out of the Rift Valley into the Mountains, this was a designated "Time Trial Section" at this point, but we did not sign up for it, it's a TOUR not a Race!  And so we cycled along at our own pace...

On the way up, we were well-rewarded with great views and vistas of the Lake and the Rift Valley Mountains. Dr Helen was the Sweep Rider and we enjoyed her company as we ground our way uphill. To say the climb was tough would be an understatement, it was very tough, but we did make it out and over the mountains, alive.

Unfortunately, after lunch and at the 71km mark, we climbed onto the truck.  Yours truly had developed gout in his right knee, and it had become excruciatingly painful!

However, riding the Lunch Truck/Party bus did have its advantages, we stopped in Mzuzu Town for coffee before reaching Camp. Mzuzu is an area famous for it's good quality Malawian Coffee, and it did not disappoint.

Later,  after reaching the Camp, some of us went back into town to draw money at an ATM and went for even more coffee, plus some ice cream!  All well that ends well.

Mike T

The next Four Day Section before we reach Lilongwe
Stage 51 - Chitimba to Mzuzu

Riders leaving Chitimba after Breakfast

Route cycling out of Chitimba

View of the lake in the Rift Valley as we climb up out of  the Valley itself

Judith climbing up into the wooded mountains

he higher we climbed the small the shore of the Lake appeared

Chiweta Coal Mine - Malawi
Entrance to the Chiweta Coal Mine 

Chiweta Coal Mine Processing Plant

Bridge over the Rukuru River built with the help of Japan

Rukuru River in full flood

Only "God Knows Butchery"

Coke Stop with Dr. Helen

Follow the orange tape through Mzuzu Town to get to Camp!

Stage 52 - Mzuzu to Luviri School

Mzuzu Coffee Den - Malawi
Coffee Stop with Wynand in Mzuzu at the Coffee Den
Supper time at Mzuzu Camp