Luviri School to Kasungu (107km - only 500m of climbing, but 990m of descent)


Day 77 - Mar 30 - Stage 53

Thursday: After two days of either climbing on the Lunch Truck after lunch or on it before lunch, we get our mojo back and cycle the whole distance without any major issues. So we don't get picked up and have to ride with the Sweep Rider either. A good days riding. 

Michael assisting Judith with her puncture and supplying some spectator value 

We get to lunch at the 61km mark relatively early, I sit on the opposite side of the truck, and eat my lunch, where it's quiet and there are no spectators. The other riders think I am being anti-social, but I am starting to suffer from FBS (Fish Bowl Syndrome). Just can't handle eating my lunch with so many local adults and children staring at me!

No Coke Stop in the morning, but we have two stops in the afternoon. Judith gets a puncture, so I replace her tube and fix her flat tyre (not without offering some spectator value).

Arrive in Kasungu Camp only to find all the rooms are taken, so we pitch the tent. Fortunately we have pre-booked via Andje for tomorrow's rest day in Lilongwe, where we will be spending two nights.

The unofficial Awards for the past section are presented. Marie gets the Toss the Dummy Award, Rob gets the Yellow Jersey (but he  doesn't accept it?) and Bernd gets the Over Achievers Award, for running 15km up the Mountain on the Rest Day at Chitimba Beach to Livingstonia, getting caught in the rain and having to overnight there, then running back to Camp the next day!!

Tomorrow is the last day of our four day section, then we will have our next rest day in Lilongwe, where some of the Sectional riders will leave us, and others will join us.

Mike T

Coke Stop No. 1

There are many different varieties of beans for sale along the roadside

Coke Stop No. 2

One proud tent erector exordinair !

Paul assisted by Judith, fund-raising at the Unofficial Awards Ceremony 

Marie received her Dummy (Pacifier) Award from the previous winner Catherine 

Bernd received the Over Achievers Award 

Andje was the surprise Lady Stage Winner 

All the TDA Staff pose for a group photo

Tomorrow, Stage 54 - Kasungu to Lilongwe


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