Felix Unite Camp (Namibia) to Springbok (RSA) - 133km

Namibia, South Africa
Day 115 – May 7 – Stage 81

The Final Countdown!  Today we crossed over from Namibia into South Africa, our home country, the last of the 11 countries to be traversed on our way down the length of Africa.

Left Felix Unite a little upset with their Management. Our son Ken and his wife had dropped off an envelope for us at Felix Unite Camp when they'd passed through the area on their honeymoon trip last year. It was supposed to be given to us on our TDA arrival, but Management had lost the envelope! Which about summed up the managerial skills of the people at Felix Unite, there is a lot to be said for any company in the hospitality industry to ensure that their employees receive the correct training in people skills.

A few kilometres before the Namibian Border, stopped at the Engen Garage (Wimpy) for Coffee with Murray, then onto the Border for our last border crossing. At immigration on the Namibian side, met up with Colleen & Johan, yesterday’s hosts at Amanzi Camp, who were on their way to Cape Town. 

We went through the Namibian Boarder, with no problem, but did hear that some of the other riders were hassled by an overzealous Namibian Police Official on entering the border complex. This is Africa (TIA) - a bit disappointing really, especially since none of the riders had been subjected to this kind of abuse at any other border crossing since leaving Cairo.
We crossed the bridge over the Orange River, and our entry into RSA was hassle free.  It was a real pleasure to be back “Home”.

After the South African immigration activities were completed, we started cycling up a very long uphill, taking us out from the Orange River Valley, but straight into a headwind from hell! The headwind was so strong, it took Judith and I a total of 6½ hours to do the 77km to the lunch position. Which included a crash on my part, when Judith was blown into me by the strong wind, causing me to go down on the tar road and enabling me to achieve a South African 'Tattoo'!  

Discretion being the better part of valour, we climbed the Lunch Truck, and rode into the Town of Springbok. On my recommendation Wynand stopped at the Springbok Lodge & Cafe, for us to savour their milkshakes. All were in agreement, these were the biggest and best milkshakes we had tasted on the TDA thus far.

Camp was at the Municipal Camping Grounds, where after the Briefing Session, Paul presided over the unofficial TDA presentations. I received the Yellow Jersey for riding EFI through the land of my birth (Zambia) and for tasting over 70 different beers so far on the Tour (EFDB) while also going Nutella and Peanut Butter free the whole way down Africa! (I think he was just looking for an excuse to present the Jersey to me, since I had bought two yellow jerseys in Nairobi to be used for presentations and he needed to return one of them to me!).

We forego the luxury of a tar road when we cycle out of Springbok tomorrow, it’s back onto the dirt roads again, heading up into the Cedarberg Mountains, let’s just hope we don’t experience the same energy sapping headwind that we had today!

Mike T

Murray and Mike T on the way to the Namibian/RSA Border

Judith on her way to the Border crossing

Some of the Ladies leaving Felix Unite Camp

Entering our Home Country of South Africa after nearly 4 months of absence 

Into a headwind on the way to Springbok
Having crossed into RSA and looking back towards the Bridge over the Orange Rive

Liz fixing her first puncture of the day with the assistance of Tallis

Murray assisting Liz with her second puncture of the day outside the Coke Stop

Todays Lunch Truck position

Bridgette and Wynand enjoying their milkshakes in Springbok

Philip having some quality time repairing his punctures

Paul awarding Julian the Dummy Award for the second time

Receiving the Yellow Jersey from Alex and Andje

Hugs and kisses from the Yellow Jersey Babes


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