Day 14 - Stage 12 - Wadi Halfa to Farka (145 km)

Thursday: Another long day of riding.

After breakfast we were one of the first to leave camp at Wadi Halfa, as we knew we would be in for some quality time on our bikes.

We reached Lunch at the 79 km mark escorted by Brad the sweep rider, who patiently listened to some of our "remember when" stories (they certainly help pass the time and make the kilometers fly-by)

Appearance of the Sudan country side has changed from desert sand to sand & rocks; to just rocks (occasional tree now and then) definitely different to what we were used to in Egypt. Unfortunately, just like yesterday, I'm still having trouble uploading pictures, so they will have to be posted on the blog in installments at a later stage.

First and only Coke Stop of the day was after lunch at some small village, where artisan miners were digging for gold. We stopped there for quite a while while I investigated some of the mining and crushing facilities.

Judith and I had a good days ride, and although we arrived at Farka Camp last, with second half sweep rider Leo, we nevertheless thought we did quite a good time, taking all things into consideration. 

We had to pitch the tent in a seriously strong wind, but our tent pitching skills have improved to such an extent that it didn't take us long, and "the house" was up without any hassle.

From Camp, we walked down to the Nile River for my first wash in the Nile, there are no washing or ablution facilities at the Farka Camp site.

After the briefing session, it was supper time followed by bed time ("early to bed and early to rise, makes Jack a dull boy"). Its going to be a very interesting  night trying to sleep in the howling wind...

Mike T

#ThrowbackThursday in Sudan:  - Stage 5 (Egypt)


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