Day 15 - Stage 13 - Farka to Nile Ferry Camp (145 km)

Friday: The wind is either your best friend or your enemy, there is no compromise.

Last night was the worst I have slept since the start of the tour, because of the wind sent from hell. 
It was a continuous flapping of tents right through the night. Even taking down the tent in the morning was a major mission.

Started cycling early with the same hellish wind, but now it was a glorious tailwind! Although there were times when it turned into a vicious side-wind with associated dust storm (thank goodness I had packed my buff).

Judith's cycling skills are improving in leaps and bounds, she joined the "Muzz Bus" Peloton as they caught us after breakfast,  even leading the peloton twice, unfortunately their overall speed was just too fast for us, so we had to drop off, but not before a good many kilometers were done - thanks to the guys for the assistance.

Lunch at 78 km mark, was a new experience, your plate just blew off the table if left untended, and the riders had to crouch on the down wind side of the truck to eat, it was most annoying.

Left lunch truck to cycle the second half, and turned into a major headwind, Judith decided discretion was the better part of valor, climbed into the lunch truck as it came past approximately 88 km into the ride, I continued and rode the better part of the remaining 58 km alone, caught no one, and no one caught me, not even the sweep rider (the loneliness of the long distance rider)

I passed many artisan gold diggings along the road; I stopped to check one of them out, but being Friday, everyone had gone to mosque. I also passed Abu Sari Gold Mine near the Abu Sari Village, owned by Delgo Mining Company Ltd. Tried to go in and see their operations,  but was blocked at the main gate by the Security Guard (maybe I wasn't wearing the right PPE?)

Yesterday's and today's artisan workings, reminded me of the time I spent in the DRC. On that note... I just want to let all those friends I have at the Kibali Gold Project, who are following the blog, know that we appreciate their support and miss them stacks, while Madame Judith sends her best regards.

Back on the bike, I stopped approx. 8km from the finish and had tea at a local Tea/Coffee shop with the locals, who were very friendly and super inquisitive about why a "Mazungu" is cycling through the hot Sudanese desert? 
"Where are you going, where did you come from, what is your name?" 
These being the most typical questions you are asked.

Arrived at Camp, and Judith had pitched the tent - bless her kind heart.

Another day done and dusted, tomorrow one more ride before our next rest day in the metropolis of Dongola (Next to the Nile)

Mike T

PS: Made an elementary mistake today, forgot to charge my Garmin and cell phone, both died on me after lunch. Couldn't take any photos and didn't know how many kilometers to go to the finish! Lesson learned the hard way.

30 Jan - PSS: Here are the photos!

Aerial View of the Abu Sari Gold-mining area.  As you can see, we're definitely in the desert!


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