Day 18 - Stage 15 - Dongola to Dead Camel Camp (143 km)

Monday: Booked out of the Hotel at 6am, took Tuk-Tuk to TDA Camp for riders briefing at 7am, afterwards had a quick breakfast, then left Dongola on our bikes.

Sometime into the morning ride, an Algerian truck driver pulled alongside us and handed us sweets (strawberry filling covered in chocolate). I knew he was Algerian, because he asked me where I was from, when I said, "South Africa", he shouted, "Me, Algeria"

Must admit, all the truck drivers are super friendly, and they usually hoot loads of encouragement when passing us from either behind or when coming head on.

With 20 km to go to lunch, Judith needed to stop for a call of nature, while holding her bike I realized I was standing in a "Sudanese Agate Field", and immediately had an OSM (Oh Shit Moment!!). So many agates and nowhere to put them!!  Well I suppose it is a Cycle Tour and not a Gem & Mineral Excursion.

Lunch was at the 80 km mark, and as per usual, it was up to its usual high standard. Have decided in future, to skip the cucumber and watermelon, as they both repeat on me when riding the second half after lunch!

Welcome to ???

Visitors arrive while we were having lunch

Judith getting her tea at the Coke Stop

The Tea Seller's Assistant 

7-Up & Tea at the Coke Stop

Second half went slower than the first, but at least the wind was favorable, stopped at the 111 km mark for a 7-Up and Tea for Judith. 

For the record, no sweep rider caught up to us before lunch, and no sweep rider caught us before the finish, we were totally unswept today!! We must be getting stronger....

Got to "Dead Camel Camp" in a good time, pitched tent and then went for a walk, primarily to find agates, but had no luck, although I did find some Petrified Wood (in the desert!!!) 

All in all, a good day's ride, which only got better when Chef Errol produced a Pineapple, Tennis biscuits and Custard pudding at supper.

Mike T

"What do you call a Camel with three humps?"

Arriving at Dead Camel Camp

Riders chilling out after today's ride

Chef Errol explaining to Judith how to wash her dishes correctly 

Water irrigation canal taking water from the Nile River off into the surrounding desert

Our accommodation for the night.

Welcome to Dead Camel Camp! With illustrations nogal