Day 8 - Stage 7 - Luxor to Idfu (113 km)

Friday: Since it was the day after a Rest Day, the day's  Briefing was held before breakfast. We loaded our Permanent & Day Bags into the Main Truck, had breakfast, booked out of our Hotel room, and rode off into the sunrise.

Riding off into the Sunrise from Luxor to Idfu

Our next 4 days of riding before the next rest day...
Stage 7 Notice board and the Day's necessary info

The both of us had a great day of cycling. Fortunately, we were joined on the day by Liz Morris our fellow South African, from Cape Town. Her presence was a pleasant distraction and it made the kilometers just wiz by.

Liz Morris (South Africa) cycling with us on Stage 7

We cycled most of the day alongside the Nile River, and after the desert we appreciated the km after km of green farmlands, all irrigated out of the mighty river. 

Agriculture along the banks of the Nile River

The Lunch Stop was on the bank of the Nile River which was a very scenic setting.

Our lunch stop Stage 7, along the Nile River

Nile Cruise Ship sailing down the Nile. (...and as mentioned in my previous post - I think that more people should be visiting Egypt)

Liz (South Africa) enjoying her lunch

Philip Davies from the UK enjoying his lunch and contemplating the meaning of life.

Muzz, Henne and Andy enjoying their lunch too.

Although it was a relatively short day of cycling, we appreciated the coke stops, especially the one at the 106 km mark, where I managed to pose for a photo with one of the Locals' bike. 

I manage to swap my bike for a local's bike at the last Coke Stop.

Seen at the last Coke Stop...
"Hear no evil, See no evil, Say no evil and Do no evil!"

Judith calls a drinks stop at approximately about 100km's into the day's riding

On arrival at the Camp (which is a sort of Youth Park) we found a suitable place to pitch the tent, and I settled down with the obligatory recovery beer, while Judith joined 'Team Yoga' for a quality yoga session.

Team Yoga in action after Stage 7's cycling

Max, one of the Crew members, decided to sleep in one of the covered areas close to us and was pleasantly surprised to find out he had his own fairy lights setup.

Max suddenly realized that the Light Fairy had visited just moments before & organized some bedroom lights for him!

Unfortunately, the Camp lights will not be switched off (Security is very intense) so it will be an interesting nights sleep for us!

Our tent up and ready and lit-up for the remainder of the night...

Tomorrow will be a tough day, with only 103 km, but with 1'340 meters of climbing.

Mike T

Stage 8 Notice board - Some climbing the day's forecast