Day 9 - Stage 8 - Idfu to Aswan (103 km)

Saturday: Good cycle today, although we did fade a bit at the end and came in with the sweep rider (but still managed to average 20 km/hr cycling time).

The ride through Idfu and surrounds was a bit hectic, a minority of the kids have taken to throwing sticks and stones at the riders, with the occasional ones brandishing and lashing out with tree branches. Its more a thing of children being naughty, than a cultural or political issue. 

However, there were instances today, where the older boys (especially when there was an audience of either young ladies or their own mates in attendance) jumping out in front of the riders.

It happened to our group on a number of occasions during the days ride, fortunately they usually target the last rider in the group, which just happens to be yours truly, and the Egyptian youth are coming off second best when barging into a stubborn 110 kg-plus mountain biker from the Karoo!  Lets just hope it stays that way, and we don't have any major crashes!

Today we crossed the Nile River and cycled on the west bank of the Nile, with only one real disruption to our ride, that was when we encountered a funeral procession, and had to wait for the mourners to reach their destination, before we could cycle past them.

Breakfast at Idfu before the day's ride to Aswan

Briefing session for Stage 9

Stage 9 Briefing Board

Team Treloar on the road again... 

Liz posing with some of the local Egyptian Riders and their families on the way to Aswan

A group of the riders waiting for the funeral procession to reach its destination at the cemetery

Tonight's Camp is situated at the Adams House,  a Nubian Camp on the outskirts of Aswan, where we are camping. At least there are toilet & shower facilities with a clean sandy camp site.

We were fortunate that Tallis our Tour Leader could organize a beer run for us, so Team Carbo-load had their usual meeting after the days ride, to replenish their carbohydrate levels.

Arriving at Adams House the Nubian Camp situated on the outskirts of Aswan

Tallis the Tour Leader doing a beer run for the riders

Some members of 'Team Carbo-load' (AKA Team Recovery Drink)  meeting after their arrival at House Adam.

Stage winners presentation after the evenings briefing
Coffee making demonstration at Adams House Camp

Tomorrow is a long days cycling (from Aswan to a Desert Camp) a total of 145 km. A good part of the day will definitely be spent having quality time together.

Cheers for now,
Mike T


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