Stage 6: Desert Camp to Luxor (106 km)

WednesdayWoke up after a relatively good nights sleep in the Desert, packed up the tent, had breakfast and we were ready to leave quite early, only to be told there would be a slight delay while we waited for our Police escort to arrive. They duly arrived, and we were off.

Sunrise over the Police camp.

Mark returning from his early morning ablutions.

Some of the riders getting ready, while others wait for the Police escort.

We had a relatively short day of riding, in perfect conditions (overcast & no headwind).
Fortunately both Judith and I had a great days cycling, and it was a good change to see some green appearing against the desert as we approached the Nile Valley. 

We were near the back when stopped for lunch at the 71km mark, and had a relatively panic-free lunch, as we knew we would finish the day. Lunch consisted of hamburgers with oranges for desert (the food at lunch has really been quite amazing).

 Liz, Mark and Dr. Helen enjoying their lunch

At about 10km outside of Luxor, we were joined by a police vehicle which escorted us both into the city center where the Hotel was situated. This was greatly appreciated, as the level of traffic had increased considerably compared to the stretches of desert we were used to. 

On arrival at the Hotel Rezeiky Camp, we took a room (at own cost) and after a refreshing shower,  joined the rest of the riders for a braai (barbecue) given by the TDA Kitchen Staff (the evening meal before a rest day is usually for our own account).

Alex writing up her Blog while the rest of the party animals discuss the culinary delights to be expected on the tour.

Tomorrow is officially our first Rest Day after over 700 km of cycling, which will be spent exploring and visiting the numerous Tombs and Temple's around Luxor

Mike T

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