Day 54 - Stage 37 - Kayonza to Nyakasanza (106 km)

Our last glorious Rwandan sunrise

Monday, 6 March:  We were greeted to a magnificent sunrise, our last in Rwanda, today we would cross over from Rwanda into Tanzania, our sixth country of entry.

Left Camp as early as possible, rode 69km to the Lunch Truck for our last lunch in Rwanda, and we provided much spectator - value as per usual.

Arrived at the Border after 89km, and the immigration process was absolutely painless! The Rwandan & Tanzanian Passport Control Offices were virtualy next to each other in the same building, we were stamped out and in within a few minutes.

Changed money from Rwanda Francs to Tanzanian Shillings, and cycled away from the Border Post (back riding on the left hand side of the road). At the first opportunity, bought two Tanzanian sim data cards for our two cell phones.

After the Border Post we had a vicious climb out from the Valley floor into the surrounding hills. This was then followed by the "Mother of all hills" on tour, it ate me up then spat me out. 

We struggled up the hill and eventually into Camp, which was situated at a local School.

Judith took a lot of strain on the final hill climb, since the temperature was over 40 degrees and with all the climbing she experienced some major dehydration. 

At an impromptu Awards Ceremony at the Riders Briefing, Liz handed over her Yellow Jersey Award to me, for being the "Most Helpful Rider" on tour (with the yellow jersey to be awarded at the end of the stage)

After supper I walked off to the nearest Beer Shop and bought a couple of beers. Judith had a very early night, don't think she will cycle tomorrow.

Mike T

Today's ride from Rwanda into Tanzania

Local Rwandan cyclist

Andje overjoyed at the thought of crossing into Tanzania

Typical Rwandan rice paddies en route to the Rwanda/Tanzanian Border

Today's last Coke Stop in Rwanda

Lunch Truck approximately 20 km from the Border supplying immense spectator value

Typical Rwandan subsistence farming

Judith being chased up the hill by her new fan club

Buying cell phone data in Tanzania just after the Border Post

View from Tanzania of the River dividing Rwanda and Tanzania,
wherein many bodies were dumped during the Genocide

Judith and I cycling along in the Rwandan Countryside 

Taking a rest from the Mother of a Hill which ate me up and spat me out again!