Day 55 - Stage 38 - Nyakasanza to Biharamulo (School to School - 112 km)

Tuesday 7 March: After a very tough day, it's sometimes better to take one step back, and regroup, than to try and prove you are totally in control. 

Judith was not feeling well this morning, so she decided not to ride and to spend the day on the "Party Bus" (The Main Truck). A very wise decision indeed, which was later endorsed by Dr. Helen.

We left the Rural School and we soon started on the hills.... The road conditions were not ideal, as  there were many sections where the tar road was badly potholed. At one of the sections I hit some potholes at quite a high speed, and was surprised I didn't come crashing down. It was more a case of very good luck than my cycling skills!

I rode with Liz & Murray  up to the Lunch Truck, it looked like we were going to get some major rain, so Murray climbed on to the truck. Liz continued and I decided to ride with her. The second half went much better than first, and we reached the Camp at the Deaf School in Biharamulo relatively early.

Judith had organized the tent by the time I got in, so a group of us walked into Town for a few beers at a local bar-come-restaurant. 

We were back in Camp for Riders Briefing, had supper, and then we turned in for an early night in Tanzania.

Mike T

One of today's Coke Stops

Jaw Crushers being used to make rock aggregate for construction of tar roads

Roadside bottle display. We never did find out what it signified...

Briefing Board for tomorrow's ride into Geita