Biharamulo Deaf School to Geita - 140 km (Day 56 - Stage 39)

Thursday, 9 March: We didn't have a good nights sleep. During the night a violent strain of bacterial gastro-enteritis had broken out among the riders. 

It was as if we were in the Lion Enclosure at the Johannesburg Zoo, there was roaring (vomiting) all around different parts of the Camp, the whole night long!

In the morning eleven of the riders would not be able to cycle, and would need to climb into the Main Truck, initially named the "Party Bus". But later in the day, it would be aptly changed to "The Vomit Comet"

Unfortunately Judith who wanted to ride, having been off due to her bout of dehydration, had developed diarrhea during the night, and was then instructed by Dr. Helen to climb on to The Vomit Comet with the others.

The day's ride was relatively tough, with a large portion cycled on dirt, due to a major road construction project which was in progress. I rode with Liz for most of the day, and we managed a relatively steady pace throughout the ride.

There was one major incident on the dirt section, when Bridgette was involved in a head on collision with a Boda Boda (motorbike) ! Fortunately, she did not suffer any major injury's but her bicycle was a complete right off  (buckled front wheel and bent frame) :/

Lunch was at the 72 km mark and true to form, it offered great spectator value.

Cattle in Tanzania_TDA blog
Cattle road-block giving us some horns!

Cycling in Tanzania_TDA Blog(2)
On the road again, with Major road construction is in progress en route to Geita

We arrived in Geita, which is a big gold mining town, only to find that it had rained there while we were out on the road cycling. The consequence of which, meant our designated camp site at the Boys School was one large muddy quagmire.

However, between Murray & Judith, they used their initiative and had organised rooms at a nearby Hotel, and were awaiting my arrival.  After the Briefing Session, one of the Teachers at the School dropped me off at the Hotel, to join up with Judith and the others.

That evening we had some drinks with the Headmaster and the Teacher from the School;  thanking them for transporting us and all our gear to the Hotel.

Hoping the Vomit Comet passengers feel better tomorrow.


Mike T

Local Cycle Shop in one of the Towns

These local Tanzanian's insisted on having their photos with me 

Loading the bikes of those riders who couldn't cycle due to illness on the Main Truck

Local Transport Riders carrying bags of charcoal 

Morning Coke Stop

Sweep Rider Brad using his initiative to catch up with us back markers

Liz demonstrating the correct way for a rider to fall

Local cattle enjoying a roadside graze

The Lunch Truck always offers great spectator value

Liz enjoying another coke stop moment

Briefing Board - Geita to Mwanza

Camp was at Waja Boys Secondary School

Rather Impressive statue at our Hotel in Geita