Gieta to Mwanza (126km with 1367m of ascent)

Tour d'Afrique 

Day 57 - Mar 10 - Stage 40 (Tanzania)

Friday: After a very muddy ending to yesterday's ride and Judith using her initiative to book us in and our subsequent move to a nearby Hotel, we woke up relatively early in our cosy hotel room.

A group of us were picked up at the Hotel by one of the School Teachers. He needed to do two trips to get us & all of our bags back to the Muddy Camp for breakfast. 
Some of the other  riders, who were at a more up-market Hotel (especially those who had been ill) slept late and decided to take a taxi to Mwanza, rather than cycling there.

Breakfast at Muddy Camp
Sunrise over the Boys School before the day's ride
Unfortunately a very repetitive sight in Africa.
Young children looking after baby siblings
Judith was still recovering from her upset stomach, so under Doctor's orders, she rode in the Party Bus to Mwanza.

I started with Liz, but then rode away from her as she was determined to keep at a steady pace which was just a little slow for me (I should have remembered the story about the rabbit and the tortoise!).  I got to lunch at the 70km mark, and was not feeling well (nauseous) so decided to take the lunch truck. Liz soldiered on and rode with Dr Helen the Sweep rider all the way to Mwanza 

Before we reached Mwanza, we arrived at the southern shore of Lake Victoria, then took a 30 minute ferry ride across the Lake to negate an extremely long ride around the edge of the Lake through Kampala.

We arrived at a very picturesque Camp (Tunza Resort Limited) with a white sandy beach on the edge of the Lake. Here we washed the mud off our bikes in the Lake, before having a few slow beers on the patio before Rider Briefing and Supper. Chef Errol excelled himself and produced ice cream for dessert!

Early to bed accompanied by the sound of the  gentle crashing of waves on the "beach'". It was one of the best camping spots we have had, and a big pity that we didn't have a rest day at Mwanza.

Mike T

Rock formations along the road to Mwanza

View of the shore from the Ferry on Lake Victoria

A passing Ferry on Lake Victoria

Ferry docking on the Mwanza side of the Lake

Liz and Doctor Helen leaving the Ferry

Arriving at Tunza Resort in Mwanza
Welcome to Mwanza

Judith did a good job putting up the tent next to the beach

Warning notice for the Guests

Riders enjoying some rest and recuperation at the Bar

"Two Bottle Peter" enjoying his first Savanna's ever!

Judith washing her bike in Lake Victoria

Both Marie & Bike as clean as could be

Riders enjoying some quality time on the beach
Sunset over Lake Victoria

Kapenta fishing boats (the lights) on Lake Victoria in the moonlight
Tomorrow's Ride on the Briefing Board - Mwanza to Speke Bay