Biti Manayanga to Makongolosi (School to School -120km)


Day 68 - March 21 - Stage 47

Murray arrives back from the nearest Village bearing cold beers. A true friend.

Tuesday: After a very wet night, packed up the tent in the morning, put it into its bag and placed it into my daily bag. It was as wet as it could get,  but the show must go on!

It was a mountain biker's dream, sand, rocks or mud, and all were encountered on either an uphill or a downhill.  Quite a few of the riders fell down today, fortunately nothing too serious, as well as a few mechanical issues (broken rim being the most radical).

I started the day with Murray, but he was too strong for me and I couldn't keep up with him when we encountered the sandy section. Rode to the lunch truck alone, had a good lunch and waited for Phillip to arrive. Then rode the second half with him all the way to the finish.
Judith didn't ride today, she was under Doctor's orders not to, due to both physical and mental exhaustion. She rode the Main Truck to Makongolosi and managed to pitch the tent up early enough for it to get dry, as well as hanging up all of our wet clothes from yesterday's downpour.

The camp was situated alongside the Soccer Field at the School and we received the biggest accumulation of spectators ever. It seems as if the sight of 40 plus Muzungu's  (White People) camping out in tents, is a big attraction in Tanzania.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Seven Day Section, this has been a long & tough cycle, and we will reach Mbeya soon for a well-deserved rest day.

Mike T

Fortunately it has stopped raining and breakfast was held in dry conditions

Lunch Truck with enterprising local selling cold drinks and beers!

Phillip having his typical " Proprietor Pose" 

Boda Boda Driver transporting live chickens

Phillip and I arrive at Camp and already the crowd of onlookers is growing 

Welcome to Makongolosi - With details of the upcoming Fancy Dress Party!
(More about that in another blog post)

Greg taking a quiet private wash (Not!!)

Briefing Board for tomorrow's final day into Mbeya (With 2 150 m of climbing)

Graffiti on the Main Truck puts everything into perspective!

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