Arusha to Babati (172km with 1 300m ascent)

Day 63 - March 16 - Stage 42

Thursday: The start of a straight seven-day riding section before our next rest day.

We cycled the longest distance of the tour today, 79km to lunch, then 93km after lunch, which was a personal best for Judith!  To put the icing on the cake, we passed the 5000 km mark as well!

We woke up early to pack our Permanent and Daily bags, which needed quite a bit of reorganizing, since we had been out of the saddle for four whole days.

Started cycling in the Arusha morning rush hour traffic, and we rode past the famous tower in the centre of town which is recognised by all the Overlander Companies as being the mid-point between Cairo and Cape Town.  We rode out of town on the same route we came into Arusha from our Safari Trip.

The route was relatively flat with some undulating until lunch. While having lunch, I found some small specimens of blue chalcedony and collected a few to take back home.

The second half ride after lunch was more hilly than the morning's ride, with an added head wind, with some young Massai kids who had started throwing stones at the riders -  what is it with the youth!?

We battled on at a slower pace, accompanied by Sweep Rider Brad and came in to finish at just over 10 hours, but at least we did the complete 172km distance, and arrived before Riders Meeting.  It was Judith's personal best, and a ride well done.

We pitched our tent with two others under a tin roof,  and fortunately Andje kindly offered us the use of a hot shower in her room.

A long but very rewarding day's riding, and taking all things into consideration a big moment in Judith's cycling career.

Mike T

The Famous Overlander Clock Tower in Central Arusha
(Some say it's halfway between Cairo & Cape Town)

Lunch Truck (Picked up some Blue Chalcedony at this Site)

Judith cycling her way to her personal best on great Tanzanian roads

First Baobab Tree siting in Tanzania

Obligatory Coke Stop for 'Team Sweep' 

Judith in her usual role as the "Pied Piper" leading the running kids up the hill
Details of today's 172 km ride to Babati

Briefing Board detailing the next seven day section from Arusha to Mbeya