Singida to Boroto Game Post No. 1 (133 km)

Day 65 - March 18 - Stage 44

Saturday: We got back onto the dirt roads today, most of the riders changed from their slicks to their dirt tires yesterday.  We have been on our dirt tires for ages, so it didn't apply to us. Looking forward to some technical riding today.

Other than the dirt roads, there is also the added irritation of Tsetse Fly to look forward to as we make our way south through Tanzania. These little buggers can give you a mean bite, even biting straight through your cycle clothing !

Judith accompanied by a few of the other riders, rode the Lunch Truck in the morning from Camp to the  lunch position as they were keen to make the dirt which began after lunch. Being there so early, she helped Wynand make the day's salads, then her and Marie cycled the 53km from the lunch position to Camp.

Judith and Marie met up with a solo Chinese cyclist who was travelling from Kilimanjaro down to Cape Town.  He was travelling from hotel to hotel, and was quite interested to hear about their TDA experience.

I rode with Liz for most of the day, and we stopped before lunch for a coke stop, and decided to purchase some avocados. Coke and Avocado a la Natural make a great pairing! If nothing else, it does supply great spectator value when two Muzungus sit on the side of the road eating avo's.

We passed through a big honey producing area, the beehives are situated in hollowed out logs, which are suspended horizontally in the big trees (mostly Sausage Trees).

We didn't have much climbing today, which was greatly appreciated after the last two days of riding.

We rode to lunch on tar, then after lunch, the last 43km was back onto the dirt road, a good ride with no mud.  Rode with Liz, Gurpaul & Dr Helen who was the Sweep Rider. Of course we stopped at the scheduled coke stop.

Just before the finish, I stopped just 500m from the end of the day's ride, to have a cold beer at a very rural bar, then walked to the finish feeling a little better after a long day's riding (remember, no drinking and driving!)

Camp was at the Boroto Game Post No.1 Gate, where we were inundated by young children. Bridgette taught some of the kids how to throw a Frisbee, then donated it to them.

Briefing, supper, then early to bed. 

Mike T

Marie and Judith met up with a solo Chinese rider who was cycling from Kilimanjaro to Cape Town

Early morning coffee before breakfast
Organizing my days riding partners - With Liz and Kim

Racing Snake Rupert passes me at speed

Peter and Catherine from New Zealand  (Father and Daughter Team)
Main Truck passes Liz on its way to the next Camp

Tanzanian granite rock formations

Liz fixing her puncture

Liz hunting for some ripe avocados for us to eat at the Coke Stop

Horizontal bee hives in a large Sausage Tree

Local Honey Seller on the side of the road

A near deserted Lunch Truck

'Team Sweep' at the afternoons Coke Stop

Not a happy chameleon in the road

Rural Bar close to the finish

Having a well deserved beer at the end of the day's ride

Bridgette handing over the Frisbee to the kids.
Briefing board for tomorrow's ride

Riders at supper before an early nights sleep


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