Babati to Singida (156km with 1 600m ascent)

Day 64 - March 17 - Stage 43

Friday: Babati to Singida (156km with 1 600m ascent)

It was not going to be an easy day after yesterday's 172km ride, and it started with a steep 11km uphill climb, which then gave way to an exhilarating fast downhill section, which made the tough climb definitely worth the effort.

Halfway up the climb we came upon a truck which had lost control on its steep descent, and had left the road and landed in a ravine. The onlookers told me that the driver had been very fortunate and had survived the crash without any major injuries, it was definately a miracle, as far as I was concerned!

The morning's ride was a very hilly ride, as we made our way towards and then around Mount Hantam (Tanzania's 4th highest mountain).

Judith struggled up the last hill before lunch, and we only got to lunch truck at the 80km distance after 6 hours, we decided to take the lunch truck to Camp, which turned out to be a good call, as it then poured with rain.

Back onto the dirt roads again tomorrow!

Mike T

Having breakfast at Babati Camp
Truck lost control on the downhill and ended up off the road
Watch out for Blind People and the Elderly!
Liz with Mount Hantam in the Background 

Fetching Judith's bike out of the rain at the Lunch Truck

Our ride Babati to Singida (1 630 m of climbing)


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