Betta to Konkiep Lappa (153km) - Namibia


Day 110 - May 2 - Stage 77

Judith took the truck to lunch and rode the 73km from the lunch position to Camp, where as I started from Betta with Philip, with the intention of riding the whole day. Cycled 80km to lunch, and not unlike yesterday, the road was very corrugated or sandy, or a combination of both. I couldn't carry on from lunch, I am just too fatigued, so climbed the Lunch Truck.

Lunch Truck stopped at the Helmeringhausen Hotel, so I had apple crumble and beers with Murray, who was not cycling on the day.

Arrived at Konkiep Lapa Camp; fortunately Judith had enjoyed a great ride, and was in great spirits. I will try and complete a full ride again tomorrow.

Mike T

Michael vd Berg (Farmer Mike) getting ready for his ride

Marie and Liz ready to leave Betta Camp

Namibia's stark but beautiful countryside

An abandoned Anti-Climax

Philip a determined man on a mission

Large Sociable Weaver Nest 

Onward and into the hills we go

Lunch Truck offers some mid-day shade 

Interesting volcanic rock specimen 

Welcome Party at Helmeringhausen Hotel

Philip and Murray enjoying their apple crumble 

Delicious apple crumble
Marie enjoying the Coke Stop at the Hotel

Brad photo bombs a perfect Konkiep Lapa sunset

Judith and I splashed out and  took a wooden cabin instead of camping at Konkiep Lapa


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