Sesriem to Betta Camp (137km) in Namibia


Day 109 - May 1 - Stage 76

Left Sesriem rather late, as the toilet was situated far away from Camp, and we needed a morning ablution before we could ride off!  However, we were treated to an absolutely fantastic sunrise over the Mountain's as we pulled out of Sesriem. 

Today's ride was mainly on bad corrugations, thick sand & rocks, with the added influence of Namibian heat. We entered the Namib Rand Nature Reserve, and were fortunate to spot Gemsbok (Oryx) & Zebra.

Lunch was at 73km, both Judith and I climbed onto the lunch truck with other riders who had also decided discretion was the better part of valor.  More and more riders are being influenced by fatigue at this late stage of the Tour.

Coke stop at Wêreld se Einde (World's End) Farm, the Farmer's wife had so kindly organised us some cokes which we could buy from her (Dag, a new Sectional Rider who had ridden the leg previously, had pre-organised it with her) and the coke was greatly appreciated.

The Camp at Betta was great, included a small shop which sold cold beer, ice-cream and great apple strudel.

Mike T

Breakfast around the Main Truck at Sesriem

Sesriem to Betta Camp

The next five day section - Sesriem to Felix Unite Camp

Ann and Peter 4 having an early morning coffee and discussion with Michael vd Berg

Sesriem Sunrise

Getting ready to ride after morning ablution's

Early morning vista after leaving Sesriem

Some of my more contemporary art work on the road to Betta

Le Mirage Resort and Spa between Sesriem and Betta

The loneliness of the long distance cyclist

Contrasting colors of the Namib Mountain Range

Namib Rand Nature Reserve

Rules are rules

Easterly border of the Namib Desert

Cairn building down the length of Africa

Gemsbok/Oryx in full flight

Its lonely out there in the Namib Desert

Lunch under the shade of the Camelthorn Trees

Loading the bikes onto the Lunch Truck

Farmers wife in  discussion with Natalie & Anmei at
World's End Farm

Tree Aloe (Quiver Tree) at World's End Farm
Sunset at Betta Camp
Briefing - Betta Camp to Konkiep Lapa


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