Rest Day - Sesriem, Namibia


Day 108 - Sesriem Rest Day

I spent the morning and afternoon at the Namibian Parks Board Restaurant, working on updating the blogs, couldn't stay in Camp as there was no shade or any other facilities available for us campers to use.

Some of the other Riders rode off on their bikes to take a trip down into Sesriem Canyon, while others went to Sossusvlei for either a sunrise or sunset viewing, and others just did the usual washing of dirty laundry, cleaning and checking of their bikes, or like me simply catching up on social media.

In the evening a group of us went out and had a buffet supper at the Sossusvlei Lodge, which was extremely posh, and their selection of starters, main course and desserts was simply outstanding and well worth taking the walk to the Lodge.  My Son & his wife had a buffet breakfast at the very same restaurant while on their Honeymoon & also mentioned it was absolutely worth visiting & a stunning setting.  

Today was our second last rest day, the trip is quickly coming to an end, we only have a five day and a seven day section left, with one rest day at Felix Unite Camp on the Orange River, before reaching Cape Town...


Mike T

Not much shade available for us Campers out in the Desert

Flowering Aloe at Sesriem Camp

Sunset at Sesriem 

The next Five Day Section to the Orange River

Sesriem to Betta Camp