Witvlei to Windhoek (153 km)


Day 102 - Apr 24 - Stage 72

Monday: Judith was not feeling well, so she decided to take the Main Truck into Windhoek.
Myself, I rode the day with Philip. A few kilometers into the ride we came across a vehicle accident where a Toyota Hilux Double Cab had hit a Kudu Antelope (Buck) which had jumped out into the road. Unfortunately, the passenger was severely injured, but was being treated by the Emergency Services when we arrived on the scene. 

At the Kalahari Padstal, we joined some of the other riders and stopped for Coffee & Biltong/Droëwors, also had our photo's taken by the owner, to be included in her own personal collection.

Rode in a peleton to lunch (with Liz, Marie, Philip and myself) and again after lunch, where we were joined by Andje. Riding together certainly made it so much easier and we managed to keep up a good pace until we reached the hills outside of Windhoek. Each one of us getting a chance and taking the front and setting the pace,  in 5 minute intervals.

Had a great Coke Stop at the International Airport Filling Station (cold drinks, chocolates and ice creams) before completing the final 42km into Windhoek.

Big Hills coming into Windhoek, but with the help of an emergency Red Bull,  I managed to get over them relatively easily. Then it was down into the Suburbs with our first stop at the Specialized Cycle Shop. The first proper Bike Shop since we had left Cairo, we were like small kids in a sweet shop!!

Cycled the last few km's to 'Urban Camp', organised our accommodation, then off to the Bar. All in all, a great day's cycling after my forced day-off yesterday.

Mike T

Sunrise at Witvlei

When a Rider punctures there is always someone to help

Windpump (Windpomp) on the way to Windhoek

The Kalahari Pad Stal

Philip very proud of his Doritos he managed to find

We all live in a Yellow Submarine !

Remember when posing for photos somebody is always bound to be behind you !
Philip gets photo bombed by the Babes

Riding along in the peloton

Peleton photo shoot with Max the Sweep Rider

Having lunch on the way to Windhoek

When the going gets tough, the Tough get stuffed.

Windhoek Cycle Shop

Coke Stop at the International Airport Filling Station


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