Wessenfels Camp to Solitaire (124 km)


Day 106 - Apr 28 - Stage 74

Friday: Rode the morning with Judith and most of the afternoon with Philip, highlights of the day included the crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn and the hair-raising descent down the Spreetshoogte Pass with Philip and Liz.

The Treloars cross over the Tropic of Capricorn

We rode on gravel and dirt the whole day, except for the Spreetshoogte Pass, which due to it's steepness (it drops over 500m in elevation over a length of 4 km) is paved with paving stones. The Pass is so steep, both the Lunch Truck & Main Truck had to detour around a longer alternative route to get to Solitaire.

I managed to achieve a maximum speed of 70 km/hr down the first portion of the Pass until my nerve failed and I reverted to feathering my brakes down the remaining length of the Pass. At one stage I had to stop to allow both my front and rear disc brakes to cool down!

Between the Pass and the finish at Solitaire, we stopped at Gecko Lodge for cokes, and experienced the best WiFi reception ever. This resulted in us overstaying our welcome, as we abused their facilities to update all things relating to any social network!

Eventually arrived at Solitaire quite exhausted, it had been a tough but also an exhilarating day of riding.  A welcomed reward at Solitaire was being treated by the consumption of large portions of Apple Crumble, from the only Bakery in a radius of about hundreds of kilometers!

Mike T

Sunrise before the ride to Solitaire 

Liz and Judith discussing the days tactics at breakfast
A group of the Ladies (and a parrot - see it?) getting ready to cycle towards Solitaire

An early morning puncture for Anmay who needed no assistance

On the road being greeted by the first ray of sunshine

Philip examining the nests of the Sociable Weaver which is prevalent in this part of Namibia

Group of the Ladies making gravel riding look so easy

Today's lunch position was just before the descent down the Pass

Philip helping Andje with her puncture while Sectional Rider Rick learns some new tricks

Posing at the start of the Pass

Liz and Philip taking a photo opportunity prior to descending the Pass

View from the top of the Pass

View from half-way down the Pass

Peter and Deborah checking their brakes and taking a breather coming down the Pass

Tom and Liz discussing their Pass descent experience

Arriving at Gheko Lodge

Some innovative art work at Gheko Lodge Up-cycling old cans

You can't miss Solitaire as it is clearly marked!

A tired Treloar arrives at Solitaire to be greeted by his wife

Farmer Michael (Mike VdB) getting some tips on how to fix a punctured tube by Deborah

Sunset at Solitaire & the end of the day.


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