Solitaire to Sesriem (83 km)


Day 107 - Apr 29 - Stage 75

Saturday: Back out on the gravel roads of Namibia, which seem to alternate between either a smooth or heavily corrugated (sometimes rocky) surfaces. At times they also include soft sand, and overall the roads here are more a Mountain Biker's Heaven than a roadie fest.

Judith cycled with the girls, who in true TDA tradition, stripped off their kit & rode the "Naked Mile" before lunch. Two of the Racing Snakes, Charles and Mark rode the complete 30 km Time Trial naked, much to the delight of the numerous Tourists in the immediate area. I waited until after lunch before doing my naked mile pose, photographed by Philip for prosperity's sake.

My solo "Naked Mile" effort for Tradition's sake

We arrived at Sesriem Camp, and TDA had to camp in the "Overflow Area" as the Camp was fully booked. TDA are aware of their dates well in advance, so why didn't they book proper camping facilities in advance!?  Really piss-poor organisation on their part (shower facilities were about 600m away from where we were camping!!). Did not take a room, as the accommodation is totally overpriced at Sesriem.

On arrival at Sesriem I went straight to the Bar to join Murray and Mike vd Berg, which wasn't the proper thing to do, Judith had to erect the tent by herself in strong winds, so I was not the most popular person in camp!!  In hindsight, not the cleverest thing to have ever done, and I should have known better.

Anyway, late afternoon & accompanied by a number of the other riders, we took a trip in the Lunch Truck into Sossusvlei, to climb Dune 45 and to appreciate the glorious sunset over the Namib Desert.

We will enjoy tomorrow's rest day at Sesriem, and have nothing special planned. Some of the other Riders will be going off early into Sossusvlei to see the sunrise, while others will be cycling a short distance to see Sesriem Canyon. We have previously done both, so will be giving it a miss.

Mike T

The Ladies doing their "Naked Mile" ride

Tallis and Helen at the start of the Time Trial

Charles and Mark rode the complete Time Trial naked!

Camping in the Overflow Area at Sesriem 

Gemsbok (Oryx) sighting while on the way to Dune 45

Michael, Andje and Philip on the way to Dune 45.
Still sleepy Mike?

Walking around Sossusvlei before climbing Dune 45

Michael on his way up the Dune

Starting the climb up Dune 45 one of the highest dunes in the world

Sitting and enjoying a sun-downer at the top of the Dune. We even had ice!

Sunset over the Dunes of the Namib Desert as seen from Dune 45


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