2 Rest Days in Windhoek


Days 103 &104 - Rest Days - Windhoek

Spent two well deserved Rest Day's in Windhoek, Capital of Namibia, at the Urban Rest Camp. Was pleasantly surprised with the facilities and the great reception and friendliness from the Staff at the Camp, will definitely stay there again when next in Windhoek.

Up early to join the Australian and New Zealand Riders and others, at the ANZAC Memorial Service, conducted at dawn at the Commonwealth War Memorial Site,  commemorating the Battle of Gallipoli during the First World War.  Attended by Australian, New Zealand, Turkish and Namibian Diplomats. Murray got to read the Ode, all very touching and quite emotional for me, as it included a reference to all those who had fallen. Afterwards, enjoyed coffee and snacks with the Dignitaries in attendance.

Then went off to the Mall for more coffee and breakfast, followed by a trip to the Bike Shop to get a new seat for Judith and for her to have a fitting.

Later in the day, I went off to the Windhoek International Airport and fetched Mike van den Berg, my good friend who was joining the Tour to do the last Section with us from Windhoek to Cape Town.

Dinner on the first rest night, was held at Joe's Beer House, which had been recommended and organised by myself, which was attended by the majority of the Riders, and enjoyed by all.

Day two was spent trying to update my Blog's and was generally a very NAFI Day for me. Mike VdB used the day to reassemble his bike and to get ready for the Tour. 

Unfortunately, while changing our bike tyres from slicks (for tar roads) to mountain bike tyres (for riding on the dirt)  I pulled my umbilical hernia again, and Dr. Helen couldn't get it to pop back into place, so she had to take me off to the local Hospital. There the Doctor in attendance managed to use her magical hands and got it to behave again. I was then read the riot act, if I continued to do heavy lifting and it popped again, I was to be sent home!!

So my last evening in Windhoek didn't end to well for me, although on the bright side of things, I was still allowed to continue cycling, as long as I behaved!

Mike T

The TDA Riders who attended the ANZAC Memorial Service

ANZAC Memorial Service in Windhoek
Thomas displaying his Waiter skills at Urban Camp
A "Metre of Beer" at Joes Beer House 

Michael van den Berg arrives in Namibia

Welcome to Windhoek (Windy Corner)


Wise words displayed at Urban Camp
The next three day section - Windhoek to Sesriem
Windhoek to Weissenfels


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