Namibia! Buitenpos to Witvlei (162 km)


Day 101 - Apr 23 - Stage 71

Sunday: Discretion being the better part of valour, I decided not to cycle, the loose spokes of my rear wheel had not been tightened and aligned, and my body was still sore from yesterday's "Oopsie". So accompanied by Peter and Deborah, we took the Main Truck to Witvlei Camp.

Judith decided to cycle and left Eastgate Rest Camp with Solange, she planned to cycle to the lunch position, a 85km long ride at least.

We arrived at the Lunch Truck and had "lunch" at 9am in the morning, where Marie and Linda then joined us in the Main Truck "Dog Box"

Unfortunately it was a Sunday, so the Butchery (needed to buy some decent biltong)  and Bottle Store (dry Bush Camp tonight) were not open in Gobabis Town. But we did manage to find a Coffee Shop (Wimpy) open.

Arrived in Witvlei and proceeded to the Camp Site which was in the Municipal grounds, without any facilities whatsoever (we wouldn't expect anything different either). Can't understand why we passed a totally equipped Bush Camp site 10 km from Witvlei, but true to TDA organisation, we had to camp at the Municipal grounds which didn't even have toilet or shower facilities!!

We were fortunate to find an open Bush Pub (Shebeen)  where we were able to buy some beers to take back to Camp. So a good time was had by all those who didn't cycle on the day.

Between Leo the Bike Mechanic, who managed to work on my bike and tightened all my loose spokes, and Dr Helen who re-dressed my wounds, its G for Go, tomorrow I am back on the road and fit to cycle into Windhoek, where we will be having two rest days in a row.

Mike T

Breakfast at Buitepos before leaving for Witvlei

Buitepos to Witvlei

Today's Non-Riders arrive at Witvlei

Team Carbo-Load enjoying some quality time at Witvlei

Helping TDA Staff to set up Camp

Todays sunset at Witvlei


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